Friday, June 20, 2008

Chopped Screwed & BBQ'd

Got front and back, and side to side...

Yeahhhh... Spring is definately here everybody. I'm already tired out already from all the parties.

But screw that... i'm always down for a good time.

Especially when its a BBQ with some trill ass beats.

Thats right.. this Fridays edition of Chopped Screwed and Barbecued is being hosted by none other than Texas own: Hek and Phantom of FATCOP XXL.

I'm gonna be choppin' and screwin' them Texas beats and my FATCOP homies are gonna be grillin' it up some beef and ribs and what not... Texas BBQ style of course.

Big up Song and Demen (out in CA baby, baby) and all the BK homies.

I just made a Texas themed 60 minute mixtape about an hour ago. It's so new it doesn't even have a name yet. Hit me up at: for a free copy.

FIRST RSVP TO THIS EVENT then email me at: and in the subject header write "I NEED SOME TRILL ASS BEATS COMPLEX!" and its yours...

RIP Pimp C

Peace ya'll,


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